As a parent looking for an Irish Dance school for my daughter I knew what I wanted:  a school where my daughter could learn the discipline and skills associated with Irish Dance, yet would also be dancing for enjoyment and exercise.  Bernadette is an energetic and encouraging teacher who works with all levels of dancers to help them perfect technique, and raise their confidence as both dancers and individuals. While the environment of the Buckley School of Dance is relaxed, the level of dance and the learned techniques are just as rigorous as more competitive schools.  Progressing through the classes, and now as one of the “older girls”, my daughter is proud of all that she has learned from her years with Miss Bernadette.

I love the family friendly atmosphere, no-stress environment and most of all the camaraderie between the students and their relationship with Miss Bernadette.  On the practical side, fees are kept very reasonable and dress and shoe purchases are kept to a minimum.  You deal strictly with Miss Bernadette on all matters relating to the classes and she is always approachable and ready to help!   If you are looking for an atmosphere that will encourage, nurture, and teach your child, the Buckley School of Irish Dance is the place for you!

Patricia McEvoy

quotationmarksMy sister and I both danced for Bernadette Kash for 15 years and each had amazing experiences.  We started at a young age as a way to connect us to our heritage and along the way developed confidence, poise, strength and lasting friendships. Bernadette has an enormous talent that when paired with her creativity and energy makes her the perfect Irish Step Dance teacher. Bernadette has always been available to assist and encourage us through the years during Irish Step performances, choreographing routines to use at school performances, and even dancing at our weddings!  We owe our love for Irish Step Dancing to our years of study with Buckley School of Irish Dance and are so grateful to Bernadette!!

Megan and Colleen Coyne


My three daughters all really enjoy Miss Bernadette’s Irish step class.  The eldest has been dancing since 1st grade and is now a freshman in high school.  It is a great way to celebrate their Irish heritage, as well as learn a great skill.  It has the grace of ballet, intricacy of tap, and is wonderfully choreographed by Miss Bernadette. They have great concentration, focus and discipline in school, art, piano, swim and track thanks to their experiences with the Buckley School of Dance.

Mei Leung-McCann

quotationmarksWhen I signed my daughter up for the Buckley School of Dance ten years ago, I could not have imagined what a great impact it would have on her development.  Under Bernadette’s auspices, my daughter learned to dance the intricacies and precision of Irish dance beautifully, and has acquired poise and confidence. With the simple and elegant dance costume, The Buckley School allows the natural beauty of each dancer to shine brightly on stage.  For me, the richest reward is that my daughter has developed her OWN personal connection to the Irish culture. Priceless!

Deirdre Corcoran


I have had the pleasure of being associated with Bernadette Kash and The Buckley School of Irish Dance for over 30 years. I began as Bernadette’s student in Brooklyn when I was five years old.  I benefitted from Bernadette’s tireless focus and drive. As a teacher, she was always motivating, encouraging and generous. I was so excited to continue the tradition and send my daughter to Bernadette ~ first beginning in her Windsor Terrace class and then to her Long Island class following a move. Bernadette’s dedication to her students is unmatched. She is always looking to innovate, enhance, and extend Irish Step – from her choreography to the music she uses.  Thank you Bernadette and The Buckley School of Irish Dance for continuing and encouraging the Irish Step tradition.

Megan O’Neill Carr

quotationmarksMy daughter has been studying Irish dance at the Buckley School for close to 10 years. She always looks forward to dance class, not just for the instruction, but for the close friends she has made over the years. Ms. Bernadette provides a fun and caring place to learn the art of Irish step dancing.

Mrs. Moore

quotationmarksWe love being part of the Buckley School of Irish Music & Dance family. My daughter began weekly dance classes in Kindergarten and hopes to continue through high school. She loves marching and dancing in St. Patrick’s Day parades and performing in the annual recital. Bernadette Kash is professional and personable, providing hands on instruction to even the youngest dancers. Senior dancers offer example, encouragement and side clinics to help sharpen skills. The school concentrates on dance, not competitions and expensive costumes. Children progress in relation to their interest and ability. The class gave my daughter the confidence to dance a solo jig in her elementary school talent show.

Paul Hawkins

quotationmarksMy family has had the great pleasure of dancing with the Buckley School of Irish dance for the last seven years. We’ve found it to be an all around great experience for our children. We love the cultural connection to our heritage, the family friendly environment with regards to both our budget and the style of dance, the convenience of classes with easy parking, and the opportunities to perform not just for the school in a recital but out in the community at the local St. Patrick’s Day Parades. Bernadette has always taken a personal interest in making sure my girls have fun while learning the value of hard work and commitment. She’s a wonderful role model to our children. We’ve benefitted immensely from being a part of the Buckley School and are so grateful to her for all that she’s shared.

Jennifer Sullivan

quotationmarksMy older daughter has been attending the Buckley School of Irish Step Dance for the past four years. She loves going each week. Bernadette has a great rapport with all the children she teaches. She is very patient and takes the time to make sure that each student understands each step that they are working on. My younger daughter just joined the beginners’ class this September and has learned so much thus far.

Tracey Marchesini

quotationmarksBernadette Buckley Kash is a combination of your favorite school teacher and a motivational coach. She somehow always strikes the right balance between leading the class gently, jovially and, when needed discipline.  She manages to use the right mix of praise (when earned!), encouragement and motivation to get her students to do their best. 

I’ve been coming here for four years now and I’ve observed many hours of classes at different levels.  She has a diverse group of  students who all enjoy the class, who all respond to Bernadette’s compassionate leadership as a teacher, and above all who know the answer to this question: “What’s the magic word?” “PRACTICE!!!”

Catherine Kells

quotationmarksMrs. Bernadette and her Buckley School of Irish Step Dancers are a class act!!  Miss Bernadette is a dynamic and dedicated teacher that knows each girl’s strength! My two girls have been with Mrs. Bernadette for over seven years and have become quite the Step Dancers under her direction.

Karen Abruzzese

quotationmarksThe Buckley School of Irish Dance is what I consider to be an absolute “Hidden Treasure”. Bernadette possesses a unique combination of discipline, structure, warmth and encouragement. She has high expectations of all her students and encourages self-discipline, perseverance, hard work, enjoyment and appreciation for the art of dance and traditional Celtic music.  As students’ skill levels increase they pair with younger students and serve as mentors. These young people are extremely responsible, focused, and determined. The Buckley School of Irish Dance has certainly helped instill these qualities as well as the desire to strive for one’s personal best, not only in this medium but in LIFE.

For such an enriching individual experience, Bernadette makes it surprisingly affordable.  The end of the year recital is incredibly impressive and speaks volumes to the amount of hard work that Bernadette dedicates to her students. I know that being a member of the Buckley School of Irish Dance is certainly a beneficial and rewarding experience for my daughters.

Kathleen Drain